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Remembrance Day:

2022 Remembrance Day

2021 Album 1

2021 Album 2

2021 Album 3



Military Display Exhibition 2016


HKMSC Exhibition 2013 - 2014

Album 1

Album 2

Album 3

Summer Camp:

2019 - Album 1

2019 - Album 2



2015.11_China Tour

2014.06_China Tour

2013.11_China Tour

Annual Dinner:

2024 Album

2023 Album

2019 Album 1

2019 Album 2







Other Ceremonies:

2021 ANZAC Day Ceremony

2018.12.02_Canadian Commemorative Ceremony

2018.08_GP90 Album 1

2018.08_GP90 Album 2

2018.08_GP90 Album 3

2018.08_GP90 Album 4

2016 Canadian Commemorative Ceremy

2016 HKSAR Chung Yeung Memorial Service

2014 Victory Day Memorial Service

VIP Visit / Other Events:

2019.02.16_WWII Chinese New Year Drinks

2019.01.25_WWII Happy Hours

2019.01.20_Battlefield Tour - Wong Nai Chung Gap Road

2018.09.30_WWII Open Day

2018.09.29_WWII Open Day

2018.03.30_WWII Happy Hours

2018.03.24_29 SQN RCT Gathering




2013_PLA Youth Camp Visit

2012.12_Happy Hours

2012.01_Capt. Gordon-Lennox Visit

2011.12_70th Anniversary of the Battle of HK

2011.11_RBL 90th Anniversary Reception

2011.10_RAOC COD SPSD Reunion Dinner

2010.10_Prince Andrew Visit

Dvr Joseph Hughes GC RASC Memorial Service 2018.03.22:

Album 1

Album 2

Album 3
















Canada Ontario Branch:



Canada BC Branch:



UK Branch:

2022,04,10 - Buffet Lunch

2021.09.26 - Autumn BBQ

2020.01.26 Chinese New Year Dinner Party


2019.02.17_Chinese New Year Party

2018.09.23_Summer Activities

2018.05.27_District Visit

2018 Chinese New Year Dinner Party

2017.08_Rhine in Flames

2017.05.07_District Visit

2017 CNY Dinner

2016 Remembrance Sunday

2016 Scotland Tour

2016 District Visit