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The Hong Kong Ex-Servicemen's Association was established in March 1997. All ex-LEPs, who have served with the British Garrison in Hong Kong, are eligible to join. The Association was formed as a result of the amalgamation of the following FOUR Associations:-

(1) The World War II Veterans Association

The World War II Veterans Association was founded by those Hong Kong Chinese soldiers fought bravely in the defence of Hong Kong against the Japanese. Nowaday the number of veterans is down to five in their mid 90s. To continue the spirit of loyalty and self-sacrifice of the World War II veterans, to-date over 300 members who served the British Armed Forces afer the 2nd World War have joined the Association. The Association's clubhouse is in Causeway Bay near the Central Library.

(2) The Royal Navy LEP

The history of the Hong Kong Chinese sailors served with the Royal Navy goes back to 19th century. These Hong Kong Chinese sailors were employed as cook, steward, seamen, electrical & engineering ratings, medical and store assistance in HMS Tamar and on board of war ships all over the world. On behalf of RN LEP, HMS Tamar donated HK$50,000 to the HKESA in 1997.

(3) The Hong Kong Soldiers' Association

The Hong Kong Soldiers' Association was founded in 1966 as the Regimental Association of the Hong Kong Military Service Corps (HKMSC). The history of the Hong Kong Chinese Soldiers serving in the British Army can be traced back to the 1880's when locals were employed by the Royal Engineers in building of barracks and defence works. During World War II, they fought alongside with the British Troops in the defence of HK. Many were killed or taken prisoner of war. After the War, the Hong Kong Chinese Training Unit (HKCTU) was formed in January 1948 with the aim to recruit and train HK Chinese Soldiers for various duties in the British Garrison in Hong Kong.

In 1962, the HKCTU became the Hong Kong Military Service Corps. This organisation offered Hong Kong Chinese soldiers the opportunity to pursue a full career in the Army up to and including commissioned rank. At the peak there were over 1,200 Hong Kong Chinese officers and soldiers serving throughout the Garrison in a wide variety of roles and employments. The Regimental Association of the Hong Kong Military Service Corps transferred its assets of HK$900,000 to the HKESA.

(4) The Hong Kong Ex-Soldiers' Association

The Hong Kong Ex-Soldiers' Association was founded in 1979 and was officially registered as a non-profit making organisation. All members are ex-soldiers of the HKMSC. The Association was formed to promote comradeship and help those who were in distress. The Hong Kong Ex-Soldiers'Association sold their clubhouse in To Kwa Wan for HK$1.2 million and donated the money to the HKESA.


The Association's aims are:-

(a) Strive for the recognition by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

(b) Seek the betterment and to enhance relationship of our members through a variety of leisure activities. And more importantly, to provide assistance to those members who need help.

(c) Participate the charity activities enthusiastically and access to charitable support to the relevant charity communities in Hong Kong.


The Hong Kong Ex-Servicemen's Association Ltd.
Rm 510-512, 5/F Wang Cheong Factory Estate, Blk 2
783 Lai Chi Kok Road, Cheung Sha Wan

Kowloon, Hong Kong

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(852) 2387 4615
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(852) 2387 5074


0930 hrs - 1300 hrs (Monday to Friday)

0930 hrs - 2100 hrs (last Friday of even month)


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The Association will do its best to provide service for members as follows:-

(a) As a point of contact.

(b) Organising activities (both social and sports).

(c) Welfare assistance.

There are many LEPs in Hong Kong and we very much hope that they would all join. However, this takes time and needs support from members. To-date the Association has over 1,300 members.

The LEP clubhouse, managed by the Association, is opened to all members for their use, such as function and re-union. Members are not required to pay subscription.

An Executive Committee, elected by members, runs the Association. The term of office of the committee is 2 years.